Yes, Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop can sign up for the Window Insider Program

The Windows 10 S Surface Holder handles the Windows Insider program just fine

Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S has been available in a couple of weeks now so it's time to look at some things it can – and can not – do you 2017. These are things I've learned as I've used Windows 10 S.

A question I did not address in my original Surface Laptop review and I have been asked is whether Windows 10 S can sign up for Windows Insider Program .

Fortunately, I do not spend much time on this as yes it can. And it includes connecting all Insider Rings such as Release Preview, Slow Ring and Fixed Ring.

Although many seem to be obvious, there are still many questions that new users have about Windows 10 S, making it a relevant subject to explore.

Windows 10 S enroll in the Windows Insider Program.

From now on, you do not start in Release Preview much outside of some early cumulative updates. Insider Fixed Ring installs only build 16237 and since Windows 10 S, only Windows 10 Pro everything – including new bugs – is still present with these advanced releases.

Whether you join Windows Insider Program on your Surface Laptop is another question. Release Preview is almost certainly safe, while Slow and Fast Rings – even with Windows 10 S – will expose you to some "quirks" found in beta OS builds. While the build 16237 runs well on the Surface Laptop, these hiccups also exist.

It is worth noting that while Fast Ring users can still switch to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S through the Windows Store and do not lose data or roll back.

6 Things You Must Know About Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop

All this presumption only reinforces the idea that Windows 10 S is Window 10 Pro, but with the limit of only Windows Store apps. Everything else is the same, including signing in the Windows Insider Program.

Then feel free to jump in and get your feet wet. If you run into some serious issues, please see our instructions on how to reinstall Windows 10 S .

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