Microsoft publishes Windows 10 SDK Preview build 16232

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Last week, Microsoft published Windows 10 for PCs, built 16232 for Slow Ring which was the first Fall Creators Update preview for Slow Ring users. Today, the company published new ISO images and now SDK Preview for the building is available.

SDK Preview is only officially supported on Visual Studio 2017, and while you can install it in a production environment, your app needs to be targeted to Creator Update or earlier to submit it to the Windows Store. There are a few known issues to be aware of:

  • Designer Fails To Do: When you see XAML in the Visual Studio Designer Window, the controls fail to do. This can be solved by using Visual Studio 2017.3 Preview.

  • Compilation Fails on Platforms Without Windows 10
    When you create apps on previous platforms, you may get a build error:

    C: program files (x86) Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 genxbf.dll: C: program files (x860 Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 Genxbf. Dll (0,0): Error WMC0621: Unable to fix & # 39; GenXbf.dll & # 39; C: program files (x860 Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 genxbf .dll & # 39; Please install the latest version of Windows 10 Software Development Kit.
    Process & # 39; msbuild.exe & # 39; Completed with Code & # 39; 1 & # 39;.

    This will happen if the minimum target platform version is set to 10.0.16225.0. To bypass this, right-click on your project file and select properties or open your project file in your favorite editor and change the version to a previously released SDK. For example:

  • WRL projects fail to compile MIDLRT errors: Building my WRL project containing a WinRT component does not compile the project anymore. I get the following error:
    middle: command line error MIDL1012: [msg] argument illegal for switch / [context] ns_prefix
    middle: command line error MIDL1000: [msg] Missing source file name

And there is an element that is listed as a refractory change:

  • ecmangen.exe Removal from SDK: Ecmangen.exe is no longer sent together with Windows SDK. Developers who trust ecmangen for event manifest creation are recommended to install Windows Creators Edition by SDK to retrieve the file. Developers can also use note pad or other XML editor for choice for manifest creation. A schema file is available on MSDN to help with manifest creation, for tools that support it.

There are also many API changes that you can check out in the message . You can download SDK Preview from Microsoft here but you must be logged in to a Microsoft account registered in the Insider Program.

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