Introduction to Windows 10 Guide to Employees from Micrososft

If you've upgraded to new computers at your workplace and they came with Windows 10 or if you've completely changed your work environment to use Windows 10, some of your employees may have trouble switching or upgrading. To the latest Windows 10 OS. To help you and your employees get used to Windows 10, Microsoft has designed and released a guide called & # 39; Get to know Windows 10 – for employees & # 39 ;. This guide is available in presentation format and is really a good quick guide that can get your employees started. The guide is brought to you by Microsoft IT Showcase.

Learn to Learn Windows 10 Guide to Employees

The guide starts with a brief introduction slide that discusses the features of all new windows 10. Then, the new start menu explains all its features in multiple slides.

Continue, features like Task View and Virtual Desktops are also discussed briefly. The following features are affected:

Security Features: People upgrade their computers to Windows because of the latest security technology included in the updates. Thus, this guide also covers some of the latest security advances in Windows 10. It introduces Windows Defender Security Center and guides on how to run it.

Windows Hello : This is the latest addition to Windows. Windows Hello allows you to log in to your computer using a fingerprint sensor or face recognition. You can also pair a companion device as a smartband or smartphone. The Tap-to-Pay feature is also available, but not supported in all countries. The guide also covers some other advanced security features in the following slides.

Cortana: Cortana was another most featured feature on Windows 10. The guide covers some basic details about Cortana and how can it help people at work. The slides also contain a short list of things you can say to Cortana, and you can use her notebook.

Microsoft Edge: Edge is the latest addition, most users are unaware of its features. The guide includes extensive Microsoft Edge and its features. The wizard also makes a point of security features and discusses how Edge can collaborate with Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365: If you are a business user, you will probably get Windows 10 for Office 365. And this guide covers Office 365 and how to use it with Windows 10. Use this guide, Can you also Get started with OneDrive for Business . Some features of the Office 365 and OneDrive features are covered by this section.

Other Features: The last part of the presentation introduces some other new features like the new settings app. And the new Windows Ink. You can learn more about other applications like the new Sticky Notes and Paint 3D.

The last couple of slides are about the latest Microsoft devices. You will learn about devices from Surface Family. And how to use them in different modes that are available. And the wizard also tells about Windows Mobile features like Continuum.

The tutorial is quite amazing and it will definitely help some people get started with their new computer. Click here to download this guide from Microsoft.

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