Microsoft 365 Business: Office + Windows 10 in a SMB Friendly Subscription

Earlier this week, Microsoft introduced two additional subscriptions subscriptions to partners that will try to sell them.

The couple is participating in an increasing number of subscription agreements, such as Redmond, Wash. The company has modeled on the Office 365 pattern. The new plans even contain the "365" mark, which Microsoft sees as a collective identifier.

Microsoft 365 is as CEO Satya Nadella introduced Monday "A fundamental departure in how we think about product formation" Composed of, at least at least two plans. The more expensive, the Microsoft 365 Enterprise, is simply a new name for an annual, two-piece product called "Secure Productive Enterprise E3" and "Secure Productive Enterprise E5." These SKUs (inventory units) were introduced to Microsoft's 2016 party conference. Like SPE, the M365 Enterprise throws Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security into a bucket.

But "Microsoft 365 Business" or M365 Business for Cards is the more interesting of the two plans because it is actually new. Nadella thought the same. "I'm so excited about the product innovation you want to see today about small and medium-sized businesses," he said during a two-hour keynote before partners.

So what is Microsoft 365 Business? It's the new deal Microsoft will push later this year after an unspecified time in preview, starting August 2nd.

M365 Business Includes:

Office 365 Business Premium, a Software and Service Plan that includes all Office applications, hosted Exchange email, OneDrive storage service and more. Alone costs Office 365 Business Premium $ 12.50 per. User per. Month when invoiced annually.

Windows 10 Pro: Devices running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1 Pro can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro under M365 Business.

Windows 10 Business: According to Microsoft, Windows 10 Business is a set of cloud [based] services and device management features that complement Windows 10 Pro and enable central management and security management by Microsoft 365 Business. "The services and tools include a subset of them from Intune, Microsoft's enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform and Windows AutoPilot, an automated deployment service bundled with Windows 10's March 2017 feature upgrade, aka 1703 and Creators Update

How much does M365 Business? $ 20 per user per month when launched later this year.

It's $ 7.50 Per user per month more than Office 365 Business Premium or an additional $ 90 per user per year. For that amount, customers receive the difference between the two plans: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and the various management components.

Who is Microsoft 365 Business for? According to Microsoft Plan, "is built for small and medium-sized customers with little or no IT resources on employees."

Although companies of any size Relsen can buy M365 Business licenses, a customer can not buy more than 300 subscriptions, another signal that it targets small and medium sized organizations.

The limited management tools also play the topic in question. They are designed to be easy to use and offer only basic functionality and are available through simple control panels, which they may have already used for Office 365.

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