Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 now available for Windows 10, Xbox One

Telltale Games Minecraft History Mode Season 2 is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 . In particular, the first episode of the fifth season is now alright, with the rest of the episodes coming later.

The second season continues the story of the first, after Jesse and friends on a new adventure. From game description:

Now, when Jesse and the gang have overcome the stormy storm, save the world and become completely super famous heroes, life has become a little more … complicated. With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have begun to fade – at least until Jesse's hand is stuck in a creepy dress belonging to an old underwater temple. Together with old friends and new comrades, Jesse starts a whole new journey filled with hard choices, good times and at least one temperament lama.

Minecraft Developer Mojang has previously noted that decisions you made in the first season will actually transfer and affect parts of this new season. This season also has a voice cast that includes Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Ashley Johnson and Scott Porter, along with cameos from YouTubers Stampy Cat and StacyPlays.

If you are jumping into Telltales latest, taking a narrative adventure in the Minecraft universe, you can download the first episode for $ 5 on Windows 10 or buy the entire season (with additional episodes later) on Xbox One for $ 25. There is unfortunately no Xbox Play Anywhere support so you must buy the game twice if you want it on both platforms.

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