Microsoft Windows CVP Joe Belfiore on Google, Apple and Windows Store

Corporate VP for Windows Joe Belfiore on the stage at Build 2017 in
Seattle, Washington.


Microsoft has been busy recently.

At its Build Developer Conference last week, the software
Giant Advertised Windows 10
Wanted to get new integrations with Android and iPhone
Earlier this month, revealed
A new Surface Laptop
along with a new version of its
Flagship Operating System – called Windows
10 S
– to operate it.

Oh, and next week Microsoft
Expected to reveal a new surface tablet

The moves are all connected, Microsoft
CVP by Windows Joe Belfiore
who also serves as advisor for
The company's education company, told Business Insider on
Build the conference last week.

People use different types of devices, not just Windows PCs,
Belfiore said. If Windows wants to win, it should be fine
With non-Windows gadgets like iPhones and Android smartphones.
Meanwhile, Windows 10's mission is to win over tech savvy
Students who already live this PC-plus smartphone

"Thematically, we are hoping to support this multi device
The world, "Belfiore said.

In the interview, Belfiore talked about competing with Google,
Improving the Windows Store and how Microsoft convinced
Apple to
Create a new version of iTunes
to its app marketplace.

 microsoft surface laptop "data-mce-source =" AP "/> <span class=
Microsoft Surface Laptop is a $ 999 device displayed
The new Windows 10 S operating system.


Versus google

One big reason for the success of Google Chromebooks is that they are
Cheap and easy for the schools to cope with. And because Chrome OS
Is a little more than the Chrome browser in a fancy shell, they
Punch over their weight performance-wise and do not be bogged
Down by software running in the background.

This is a historic weakness for Windows. Back in 2007,
An anonymous Microsoft boss referred infamously
The preinstalled
Software on new Windows PC & # 39; is like "craplets"
– junk that
Lowers the computer and reduces its performance
time. And while that is definitely something
Better, the kind of "software root", as it's called, is still one

Belfiore is kinder than exec a decade ago – PC
The manufacturers are "appropriate," he said
Just trying to pre-load useful apps for theirs
customers. Still forward, he would like to have Windows 10 devices
"Seems to all their customers to be very reliable and high
Performance and non-degrading. "

 acer chromebook r13 "data-mce-source =" acer "/> <span class=
Google Chromebooks, just like
This Acer-made model is cheap laptops designed to deliver one
Web browser and something else.


Windows 10 S is supposed to address take a step in that direction
And offer an experience that is comparable to Chrome OS. It controls
Off many of the same boxes – faster startup time, easy IT
Department of Management, and no software advice. Windows 10 S devices
Will drive as smooth on day 100 as on day 1, Microsoft may like it
say. And it will be available on under $ 300 laptops.

But unlike Chromebooks, they are the Windows 10 S laptops, which are
Targeted in the education market, all sports will benefit
Windows – including full versions of Microsoft Office,
Well-known start menu interface and soon improved support for everyone
The devices they already use.

The big balance

All of these benefits in Windows 10 S come with a remarkable one
cost. To ensure that no viruses, malware or harmful "craplets"
Affect system performance and ruin your experience, Microsoft
Only allow Windows 10 S users to install software they have
Downloaded from the Windows Store. Unfortunately, Microsoft's app
The market is missing more of the most popular apps and goes far behind
Apple App Store or Google Play in the total number of apps

But it's only a matter of time before the store reaches its fullest
Potential, Belfiore said. Windows 10 is not yet two years old
Old, and when it grows, it will attract more apps
Store, he argued.

"Windows 10 is pretty young," he said. "You must have the scale
To get engagement. "

 Microsoft Joe Belfiore Windows 10 Build 2017 "data-mce-source =" AP Photo / Elaine Thompson "data-mce-caption =" Microsoft CVP of Windows Joe Belfiore on the stage in Microsoft Build 2017 in Seattle, Washington. "/> <span class=
CVP of Windows Joe Belfiore on stage at Microsoft Build 2017 in
Seattle, Washington.

AP Photo / Elaine

Windows 10 S will play an important role in Microsoft trying to
Now that scale, Belfiore said. Because it goes to school,
As Microsoft sees as a growth market, it can get a lot
Young, app savvy customers use Windows. And because
Windows 10 S allows only users to download apps from Windows
Large developers who want to reach these students can be
Convinced to start making apps for it

The dynamic explains why Apple recently decided to list
ITunes in the Windows Store, Belfiore said. For students
Uses Windows 10 S to purchase music or movies from iTunes
Or access the Apple Music streaming service as needed
To work with Microsoft to get the full version of iTunes
Windows Store.

So while the Windows Store can be a too-run today, its ability
Attracting apps like iTunes and Spotify is a sign of things
Come, he said.

"We're starting to get to the dump," Belfiore said.

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Is it too late for Apple's Siri to catch Google and Amazon? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 85)

MP3 Stitcher | Google Play | TuneIn

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Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 85



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new MacBooks:

Apple plans to launch new MacBook, MacBook Pro and possibly MacBook Air on WWDC

Apple plans to launch laptop upgrades to Microsoft BYE BYE iPad Mini:

Apple to disconnect the iPad mini as the device gets clamped from both ends

Apple Rumors to Set iPad Mini ]


iPhone Scores 92% Loyalty Rate in New Study Prior to iPhone 8


Exclusive: Upcoming Apple Watch to include game changing e health functions

Future Apple Watch rumor to Include glucose monitoring and Smart Bands

APPLE CAMPUS and Apple Store NEWS:

Apple's New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership

Back-the-Scenes Look Into Apple Park Shares Open Close Photos, Sketches and History of New Campus

Apple starts new stores in the store With concerts, classes

Jeff Goldblum could have been Apple's voice


Tweet on Brian Tong on Twitter

Tweet to Stephen Beacham on Twitter

With contributions from Stephen Beacham.

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Google Trumpets Platform User Base Vs. Apple, Facebook, Amazon | Shares and stock market analysis

Alphabet ( GOOGL ) – owned Google has hit the fight for speech – namely in platform users – vs. Apple ( AAPL ), Facebook ( FB ) and ( AMZN ]).

At its I / O Developer Conference on Wednesday, Google trumped the fact that its Android mobile operating system is now used on more than 2 billion active devices worldwide. Google also announced that Google Drive's online data storage has more than 800 million monthly average users, and Google Photos has more than 500 million users.

Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence chat tool selected in September, is now available on more than 100 million devices worldwide, the company said. The digital assistant app will be available on Apple iPhones, added Google.

Google also replayed the fact that its video page YouTube has more than 1 billion users. The Google Play online store, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome operating system, and search engine all have over 1 billion monthly users.

So what are retort from Apple, and Facebook?

Apple at the beginning of 2016 said that more than 1 billion of its operating systems – including those on phones, clocks and TV hardware – were in active use all over the world. In July, Apple said it had reached 1 billion. The tag in the iPhone sale.

However, Facebook can have the most scale, with a massive base of over 1.9 billion users worldwide. While reporting earnings for the first quarter of early May, Facebook said that Instagram has 700 million monthly users, up from 500 million in June 2016. And the Instagram Stories app has 200 million users, said social media leader.

IBD TAKE: Google shares have shot 19% in 2017 and are no longer in a shopping area that performs well over the 50-day moving average . Learn more at IBD Stock Checkup .

Amazon's customer loyalty strategy is flourishing. Amazon Prime subscription service has 80 million US members, almost 40% from a year ago, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners said in April.

As for the actual Google conference, analysts say that there was no announcement that will move the file.

"The alphabet focused on its efforts to bring artificial intelligence into all its products and announced various new product features to improve the tackiness and overall Google ecosystem," said Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities in a note to clients.

He added: "Although there was no groundbreaking, we see improvements to Google Photos, Google Assistant, Google Home, and the addition of (artificial intelligence) -activated products like Google Lens as stepwise ecosystem improvements and potentially Give people New Reasons to Buy and Use Google Products. "


Amazon Echo Holder Big Lead About Google Home In Digital Assistants

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India has corruption, weak laws, get good ways and the apple iphone

An increasing number of US companies are turning to India to restore or replace their China experience as profitability and grip on the Chinese market begin to slip.

Apple has completed a trial period of first iPhones gathered in India "a small number of iPhone SE", the company told CNBC on Tuesday. IPhone SE is one of its cheaper models already available in India.

Armed with their massive war crimes, drug manufacturers, big-box retailers and information technology are struggling to expand their business to India. Many richly appreciated Silicon Valley startup also begins to break – or even to be founded within – the Indian market.

The world's fastest growing economy where GDP floats around 7%, India has a fringe in front of China and grows much faster than the developed world. It is also currently the world's third largest economy, which is supposed to aggravate the United States to become the world's second largest economy by 2050, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report .

Proximity to ideal demographics puts India in a sweet place. Nearly two-thirds of India's 1.2 billion. Population is under 35 years, making it one of the largest consumer markets that foreign companies are hungry to hit.

The world's most valuable company ranks India in hopes of regaining the growth story, which seems to be losing steam in China .

Not only Apple, major global companies like Amazon Starbucks Uber and key Apple supplier Foxconn who take their companies to India ]].

More from iCONIC:
The best ideas from student entrepreneurs around the world
How Tim Cook followed the hardest Action in technology for success
A flourishing startmekka north of America

Although there is little doubt about growth opportunities in India, they are spread over an obstacle to opaque rules, inconsistent rules and other obstacles, including deeply rooted corruption. Foreign companies like Apple need to face challenges even before, and while dealing with some more commercial issues with price sensitivity a crowded and competitive market and raw material resource.

India's endemic corruption is one of the greatest features of its attractiveness as a place to act. US firms, especially who are frustrated with Chinese bureaucracy and corruption will not be better in India.

"India is not easy," said Ravin Gandhi Managing Director of GMM Nonstick Coatings, which manufactures for some of the largest global kitchen equipment companies and is a member of CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network .

Gandhi, who has set up manufacturing in both China and India recently, since global forces require more companies seeking new cheap production sites said there is only one option: Deal with it.

"Many American companies fail in India because they're afraid to get on a plane and get their hands dirty. If you have a bad attitude go in, you've already lost the fight," he said. "Success abroad takes perseverance and unsustainable driving. Like most aspects of business, setup of an Indian operation is messy and can be very difficult."

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Unlike Spotify, Apple Music would rather earn more than 400 million users – Quartz

Jimmy Iovine, the prolonged recording industry mogul, currently on the way up to Apple Music, hates free music – an idea that Spotify, Apple's greatest music flow competitor, is stubbornly dressed in.

Spotify, founded in Stockholm in 2006, has for a decade now offered its millions of songs through a free promotional tier and a paid subscription level. Apple Music has only the latter. Why? Iovine wrote it in an interview this week with Music Business Worldwide .

I've put my money where my mouth is: Beats Music did not have a free tier. Apple Music does not have a free level. I'm not just talking about it; I'm going there. That's why I'm in agreement with Eddy [Cue] and Tim [Cook] and Steve [Jobs]. They thought the same way. I think what's happening [with free music] is wrong. I only do that. I do not care to make me seem back-of-the-times, up-of-the-times, young, old … I do not care! Because, whatever it is, it's wrong.

Recent figures show that Spotify boasts 50 million paying subscribers compared to Apple Million's 20-30 million. By conservative estimation there are at least 50 million other people on Spotify's free level. However, considering that Spotify's free level involves significantly lower revenue than its paid level, meaning that more than half of the user base does not focus on generating money for Spotify or its artists. Iovine emphasized that free ad-supported streaming services generate very little money and add:

If Apple Music had a free level, we would have 400 million people on it. It would make my work really easy. But we think artists should get paid. That's why I went to Apple.

That's why Taylor Swift and several other artists made a dramatic exit from Spotify in 2015. Critics from Spotify's so-called "freemium" model also say that the existence of the free level Is to pull down the number of people who would otherwise be tempted to participate in the premium level. Spotify-which is slashing against either a direct listing or an IPO while still does not make a profit – seems to recognize this issue itself. The company recently spoiled and made an agreement with Universal Music Group to offer exclusive album releases at the premium subscription level, with a clear attempt to pull people away from it for free.

In his recent interview, Iovine repeatedly based on the existence of free music, but suggested that if paid services simply improve, people can finally turn to the latter. "You have to put everything to make the experience for people who pay feel special," he said.

Apple Music makes original content and striking record offers left and right to try and do exactly that. And while there are fewer subscribers than Spotify at the moment, the fact is that the platform requires all users to pay for music that growth will at least always exceed Spotify's.

Read This Next: Music has been completely disturbed by Silicon Valley – but it is still run by the same two moguls

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Apple's new MacBook Pro headache could be solved by WWDC – Forbes


Apple New MacBook Pro Headache Was Solved by WWDC
As Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference is approaching, thoughts turn to the keynote. It is unusual, but not untrue for new hardware to be announced in the June event. There are indications that the MacBook Portfolio is going to …
The Special Sauce: Future Apple Products Are Always Bad News Macworld
] All 22 News Articles »

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Apple's Nokia package is pushing more than Qualcomm

May 18, 2017 15:07 ET

Wells Fargo Securities

We have Cataloged a comprehensive list of patent cases


AAPL 1.524126455906822%

Apple Inc.

USA: Nasdaq

USD 152.54


/ Date (1495141200240-0500) /

Volume (delayed 15m)

after hours

USD 152.52

-, 0199999999999818
-, 01311131506490101%

Volume (delayed 15m)

P / E ratio

Market Cap

dividend yield

Rev. PR employee

More offers and news »

Is involved in important upcoming dates, current status and a detailed look at what we think are the most important disputes.

Although the focus focussing focus remains on the iPhone 8 cycle, we believe that these legal disputes are likely to introduce volatility to Apple's (ticker: AAPL) stock price if / when making initial decisions. And even though most of the focus has been on


QCOM 1.3728323699421965%

Qualcomm Inc.

USA: Nasdaq

USD 56.12


/ Date (1495141200455-0500) /

Volume (delayed 15m)

after hours

USD 56.12


Volume (delayed 15m)

P / E ratio

Market Cap

dividend yield

Rev. PR employee

More offers and news »

(QCOM) considering the recent headlines, we believe


(NOK) litigation is more important with the potential for news flow already at the end of calendar 2017.

Following the end of Apple and Nokia's previous royalties agreement, the two parties were unable to get on new terms and Apple rejected the opportunity to go to arbitration, establish the legal matches in Apple against Acacia and Nokia versus Apple. Nokia claims patent infringement from Apple, while Apple claims that it does not infringe patents, patents are invalid and patents can not be enforced due to patent evasion. We notice that Nokia is speaking in jurisdictions which, according to Bloomberg, has the shortest times for litigation and higher risk of blocking infringing products, and believes that preliminary determination could come as early as in the fourth quarter.

In the United States, Nokia's late December complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) is expected to be heard on October 2 and November 13 with the first decisions of March 27, 2018 and completion on July 27, 2018. While we have less visibility to exact dates internationally, provisions regarding complaints filed in Munich and Mannheim could potentially come as early as the fourth quarter followed by other regions in the first quarter of 2018.

While the exact rate, such as Nokia and Apple Asking is unclear, we believe that the tacitly 0.2% interest rate that Apple has previously paid to Nokia is likely to be too low since Nokia no longer needs all Apple's Intellectual Property Rights (IP) related to Smartphones since it Sold his handset business to


MSFT 0.34084173088322467%

Microsoft Corp.

USA: Nasdaq

USD 67.71


/ Date (1495141200443-0500) /

Volume (delayed 15m)

after hours

USD 67.71


Volume (delayed 15m)

P / E ratio

Market Cap

dividend yield

Rev. PR employee

More offers and news »

(MSFT). We assume that a 2.7% rate corresponding to Qualcomm is unlikely, even though a rate of 1.5% would correspond to a 58 basis point impact to the gross margin or 20 cents in earnings per. Shares with every 10 basis points change to the Nokia royalty rate affect gross margins with an increasing 4 basis points or 1.3 cents in EPS. If Apple has to pay Qualcomm the full rate (if Apple does not charge the full amount), we estimate the impact on Apple's tax 2018 gross margin will be 57 basis points or 20 cents in EPS, all else being equal. We believe this could be a problem considering our view that underlying core gross margins at Apple are lower than the reported figures due to accounting benefits.

– Maynard Um
– Munjal Shah
– Jason Ng

To be considered for the Soapbox feature, please send an original article of less than 1,000 words to with "Soapbox Submission" in the header. Enter your phone number and credentials by day.

The statements made by Investors & Soapbox do not represent those of or Dow Jones & Company, Inc. The stated statements are those of the author of the newsletter.

Comments? Email us at

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Apple CEO Tim Cook tested glucose monitor

Tim Cook has been seen on Apple campus test drive a device that tracks blood sugar associated with his Apple Watch.

One source said that Cook had a prototype glucose sporer on Apple Watch, pointing to future applications that would make the device a "must have" for millions of people with diabetes – or at risk for the disease.

As CNBC reported last month Apple has a team in Palo Alto, working on the "Holy Grail" for Diabetes: Non-Invasive and Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Current glucose tracks on the market depend on small sensors that penetrate the skin. Sources said that the company is already conducting feasibility studies in the Bay Area.

Tim Cook also spoke about the unit of a spacious student in February at the University of Glasgow, where he received an honorary degree. He did not say whether it was a medical device from a company like Medtronic or Dexcom or an Apple prototype.

"I've been using a continuous glucose monitor for a couple of weeks," he said. "I took it straight before I got on this trip."

Cook explained that he was able to understand how his blood sugar reacted to food he ate. He made changes to keep his blood sugar more constant.

In Silicon Valley is an enormous health trend low-carb, high fat content. Growth capitalists and managers increasingly find that if they reduce their sugar consumption, they see dramatic results, including increased productivity and weight loss.

Cook has a great interest in personal health. For example, he is also an active gym-goer, and recently told CNBC's Jim Cramer that he has lost 30 pounds.

At the University of Glasgow, he repeated Apple's commitment to health and talked about the struggles that people with diabetes had.

"It's mentally anguishing to keep yourself many times a day to control your blood sugar," he said. "There is a lot of hope out there that if someone has constant knowledge of what they are eating, they can immediately know what causes the response … and that they can adapt well before they become diabetic."

Cook also described the obstacles in the United States to make high and intuitive health products, ie priority for medical device manufacturers to receive reimbursement from insurance companies. "This is an area where I'm very excited about Apple's contribution," he said. "Very excited."

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Best Shares: Apple and the Top 5 Return Shares for 2017

Rising interest rates usually harm dividend-paying shares that appeal less to investors as bond yields grow bigger. But there is an exception to this rule: shares of companies that consistently increase the yield and send "a signal to the market for their own growth prospects," says Anwiti Bahuguna, senior global asset allocation manager for Columbia Threadneedle. Such companies tend to overcome the long term – and lose less under market adjustments.

A good example is

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