Restore and return Edge favorites for Windows 10 reset

Recently, after noting that my Windows 10 computer performed exceptionally slowly, I decided to Reset My PC and Start Fresh . Since reset is similar to reinstalling Windows without any applications while maintaining user data, all of my data and settings were safe except my Edge Favorites . After resetting my pc, I opened the Edge browser and the favorites were gone!

While I was looking for a solution, I was told that Edge has built-in preferred export / import feature that can back up your bookmarks and keep them safe. But in my case, it was not possible because I had already lost them. Here's how I got my Edge Favorites back from the folder Windows.old .

When we reinstall or reset windows, all of our older files are moved to a Windows.old folder in the installation drive. This folder contains all files and settings from the previous installation, and this folder is automatically deleted after a while.

Excerpt Edge Favorites from Windows.old

Open the Windows Setup Folder (normally C: / ), and then open the folder Windows.old .

Now you open the & # 39; Users & # 39; s & # 39; Folder, and then open the folder that matches your previous username.

From the View menu above, enable & # 39; Hidden Items & # 39; And opens a hidden folder called & # 39; AppData & # 39 ;.

Navigate to & # 39; Local & # 39; And then open & # 39; Packages & # 39;.

Find and open the folder that begins with & # 39; Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge & # 39 ;.

Open the folder & # 39; AC & # 39 ;, then & # 39; MicrosoftEdge & # 39 ;, then & # 39; User & # 39; And then & # 39; Standard & # 39;.

The entire address of the folder will now look like this:

 C:  Windows.old  Users    AppData  Local  Packages  Microsoft. MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe  AC  Microsoft Edge  User  Standard 

Copy the contents of this folder and save the other place to backup.

Restore & Return Edge Favorites

Now that we have downloaded these favorites, it's time to put them in the right place so Edge can load them.

Go to the same folder, but this time, not in the & # 39; Windows.old & # 39; folder, but in the installation drive. The address may look like this.

 C:  Users    AppData  Local  Packages  Microsoft. MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe  AC  Microsoft Edge  User  Standard 

Insert the files you have copied in previous steps and you are good at walking. Close Edge if it had already been opened and reopen it.

You will be surprised to see all your favorites in place when you left them.

You can have a small problem like when you close Edge and reopen it again; All your bookmarks will be gone again. To overcome this, go to & # 39; Favorites & # 39 ;, then click & # 39; Settings & # 39 ;. Then select & # 39; Import from another browser & # 39; And then click & # 39; Export & # 39; Button and save the HTML file. Close Edge and open it again if you find out your bookmarks are gone, then you import the same HTML file, and the bookmarks will never leave this place.

How did I get back to my Edge favorites after resetting Windows 10. If you're having trouble in the whole process, feel free to comment below.

I strongly believe that bookmarks should be treated differently on Edge. Favorites will automatically be backed up to cloud and be linked to Microsoft account, similar to what Google does with Chrome.

Recently, we covered a small tool called StorURL a free browser bookmarks manager. You can use it to import bookmarks from all browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox. The tool can be used to bookmark backups and manage them effectively.

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Windows 10 preview build 16232 ISO files and SDK now available

Microsoft has also now released ISO files for Windows 10 after the latest release to Slow ring Insiders. Insider preview build 16232. If you need a clean install of the latest Slow ring-build for some reason, these files will let you do it.

Windows 10 preview build 16232 is part of the Fall Creators Update, and contains a number of goodies like My People and aspects of Microsoft's floating design. In particular, 16232 built a number of security updates coming to everyone later this fall.

Build 16232 ISO files are available for download now in different tastes from the Microsoft Insider website.

In addition to the ISO files, Microsoft also launched preview-build 16232 SDK for developers (via Neowin ). If you are a developer, you can analyze all changes to and take the SDK from Microsoft.

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MIcrosoft * FINALLY * Creates a Virtualization Permission for Cloud Service Provider for Windows 10

Those of you who still live after lasting for the past eight or ten years can finally breathe : Microsoft has all odds (Although we all knew it came), announced a program that finally allows service providers to sell licenses for Windows . The message came on Monday and we would have written about it for Tuesday had the only thing that could have stolen the spotlight did not happen.

They do not call it SPLA-in fact there is no name at all. Microsoft already has a Cloud Solution Provider application, and this change simply allows them to sell subscriptions to Windows that include rights to virtualization. The script has been on the wall for a while now, and we always knew that Microsoft would only do it when it was ready (not when we were ready for it) so the overall feeling is less, "Huzzah!" And more, "It's about damn time!"

Still, this news is huge for vendors who have struggled over the years with different Microsoft licensing policies. First, there were VDA licenses and the expensive problems they introduced. Even though it was corrected by adding a user license to Windows (instead of per device), there was the restriction that Windows desktop operating systems should be on hardware dedicated to a customer. Microsoft facilitated this limitation in the last year or so, so Windows 10 could run in multi-campers for the first time.

Authorization of Windows in multiple rental environments allowed smaller cloud service providers to deliver real Windows desktop operating systems to smaller customers that may not have been large enough to warrant dedicated hardware within the new policy. More importantly, it is also possible to build desktop virtualization environments based on Windows desktop OSes in public cloud providers. The only way you could drive says Windows 10, in the public cloud before, was somehow getting dedicated hardware.

These changes were taken along this recent message, which deals with the last major obstacle that MSPs must clear. Up to now, all DaaS who used a desktop version of Windows involved the customer to bring their own licenses. Although service providers could hold the customer's hand, the licenses fell to them. With this message, service providers enrolled in the Microsoft CSP program may sell Windows 10 licenses as part of their subscription service.

The crash that Microsoft gave in their initial blog posts shows that CSP & # 39; s offer the following licenses:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 (which is basically Windows 10 Enterprise with built-in Software Assurance) with or without virtualization privileges for the World Championships hosted by Azure or another qualified hosting provider. (I'm unclear how a virtual desktop can be implemented from the cloud without virtualization, but I'm sure there's a reason.)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 VDA, which is the same as above, but for customers who have access to the Windows World Cup, are without a properly licensed Windows client (for example, all Linux thin clients without Windows- license).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E5 (which is Windows 10 plus Advanced Threat Protection) includes automatic virtualization privileges.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers also receive automatic virtualization privileges.

Since this is so new, there is not much more information about. It looks great on paper, but I'd like to visit with a few sources on CSP's when they've had time to sort the options to see how it affects them. The actual change does not enter into force until September 6th, but looks like we are halfway through July, it's closer than it seems.

The most important pickup for now is that Microsoft has taken down the last barrier that prevented service providers from gathering platforms that really matched local development. Over the years, these barriers have meant that service providers dedicated resources to overcome them, instead of building better overall platforms. There could still be gotchas in fine print, and pricing could make your head spin, but technically, service providers never had more flexibility.

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Microsoft publishes Windows 10 SDK Preview build 16232

Rich Woods

Neowin LLC


Last week, Microsoft published Windows 10 for PCs, built 16232 for Slow Ring which was the first Fall Creators Update preview for Slow Ring users. Today, the company published new ISO images and now SDK Preview for the building is available.

SDK Preview is only officially supported on Visual Studio 2017, and while you can install it in a production environment, your app needs to be targeted to Creator Update or earlier to submit it to the Windows Store. There are a few known issues to be aware of:

  • Designer Fails To Do: When you see XAML in the Visual Studio Designer Window, the controls fail to do. This can be solved by using Visual Studio 2017.3 Preview.

  • Compilation Fails on Platforms Without Windows 10
    When you create apps on previous platforms, you may get a build error:

    C: program files (x86) Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 genxbf.dll: C: program files (x860 Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 Genxbf. Dll (0,0): Error WMC0621: Unable to fix & # 39; GenXbf.dll & # 39; C: program files (x860 Windows Kits 10 bin 10.0.16232.0 x86 genxbf .dll & # 39; Please install the latest version of Windows 10 Software Development Kit.
    Process & # 39; msbuild.exe & # 39; Completed with Code & # 39; 1 & # 39;.

    This will happen if the minimum target platform version is set to 10.0.16225.0. To bypass this, right-click on your project file and select properties or open your project file in your favorite editor and change the version to a previously released SDK. For example:

  • WRL projects fail to compile MIDLRT errors: Building my WRL project containing a WinRT component does not compile the project anymore. I get the following error:
    middle: command line error MIDL1012: [msg] argument illegal for switch / [context] ns_prefix
    middle: command line error MIDL1000: [msg] Missing source file name

And there is an element that is listed as a refractory change:

  • ecmangen.exe Removal from SDK: Ecmangen.exe is no longer sent together with Windows SDK. Developers who trust ecmangen for event manifest creation are recommended to install Windows Creators Edition by SDK to retrieve the file. Developers can also use note pad or other XML editor for choice for manifest creation. A schema file is available on MSDN to help with manifest creation, for tools that support it.

There are also many API changes that you can check out in the message . You can download SDK Preview from Microsoft here but you must be logged in to a Microsoft account registered in the Insider Program.

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How to check how much power folders are used in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

If your device's battery appears to drain faster than it should, Windows 10's built-in power consumption screen may help. It lets you see which of your apps use the most batteries. If you use significantly more than the others, you can limit your background activity to save power.

Windows Power Consumables are found in the "System" tab of the Settings app. Open the "Battery" page to see an overview of your device's current battery status. At the top of the page, you can see the device's remaining battery capacity and the expected runtime. Under "Battery usage of the app", click below to open the display's usage consumption.

This lets you monitor the power consumption for each app running on your machine. Apps on this screen are ranked by the percentage of battery usage they account for. The apps that have used the most battery power appear at the top, so you can immediately identify the worst offenders.

 Screen image of the use of Windows 10 battery on the app "srcset =" App.png 797w, 250w, Wp content /uploads/2017/07/2-Battery-usage-by-app-768x481.png 768w "sizes =" (maximum width: 797px) 100vw, 797px "width =" 797 "height =" 499 "/> </p>
<p> By default, Windows shows data from the last 24 hours to apps that have used battery power. You can change this with the "Time" and "Display" menus at the top of the screen. Category "Always Allowed Apps" in the "Displays" menu allows you to filter the results to show only apps that can run continuously in the background. This allows you to quickly narrow down any battery triggers you experience when connected to standby or hybrid sleep mode. </p>
<p> <img class= to create a battery report to find hardware issues.

Additional Reading: Battery Battery Life Battery Saver Windows 10 Windows 10 Creators Update Windows 10 Mobile ]

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What is a Windows 10 license that is worth these days? • The Register


Melissa Gurney manages Nerdcast this week with co-hosts Ed Saipetch and Peter Smallbone to discuss Microsoft news, iPhone hacks and durability of Kubernetes.

Details …

  • (0:00) Sky's instant messenger support
  • (5:55) Call Floodlight, Android tablets, car wifi
  • (11:33) iPhone exploits too valuable
  • (16:30) Microsoft 365: Opex All The Things
  • (25:24) MS Azure Stack ends GA
  • (37:36) Kubernetes days not numbered
  • (54:43) Do you have a bookmark?

Listen to Reg the player below, or download here .

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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Feed URL for other podcast tools – Juice, Zune, and more: . What? Someone could use Zune.

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Recovery Tips for Windows 10, Hard Drives

Nick Francesco

Published 12:55 p.m. ET 12 July 2017 | Updated at 12:55 p.m. ET 19th July 2017

Surface Pro problems – Windows 10 users reporting RANDOM shutdowns with Microsoft device | Tech | Life & Style

Tech giant Microsoft have been informed of the power down issues experienced by owners of the newest Surface Pro devices on the tech giant’s forum.

The Surface Pro – the newest addition to the Surface family – was only introduced in May.

It was dubbed the “most versatile laptop” by Microsoft and is the successor to the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft representative BryanH posted in the forum to say the Redmond-based tech giant were investigating the issue.

He said: “We are aware of a small group of customers reporting a scenario with their new Surface Pro in which the device inadvertently hibernates. 

“We are investigating this issue.”

He later added that the issue had been identified and Microsoft were working on a fix to address the problem.

The Microsoft rep said once the fix is ready the Surface Pro Update History page would be updated with details on it.

The Surface Pro hibernation issues were reported on Reddit and also on a Microsoft Answers thread.

The latter has more than 300 replies.

It appears that the problem is affecting a number of models, both running i5 and i7 processors.

Forum moderator Barb Bowman previously suggested that those users affected by the random shutdowns should return their Surface Pro units for an exchange or refund.

She said: “In my OPINION, based on the fact that it has historically taken Microsoft months and months to identify issues and come out with a fix and since these devices are still eligible for return for full refund, you may want to consider returning for a full refund and repurchasing. 

“If you do that, you get another 30 days of being able to return and repurchase, etc. 

“The reason I say this is that 6 months down the road, Microsoft will exchange for a refurb if they determine it is a hardware issue and the quality of the refurbs has not been consistent.”

The issue was initially raised by one Surface Pro owner who said: “For some reason my new Surface is shutting off randomly. 

“I check the setting and a few other things but it’s still randomly turns off without warning. I’m losing some of my school work because of it. 

“Is anyone else having this problem?”

Microsoft has had previous battery and power issues with past Surface models that took months to fix.

Last November Microsoft issued a firmware fix to address a second battery issue affecting a number of Surface Pro 3 devices.

A fix had also been issued last August, but in the aftermath a number of owners said they were noticing battery degradation.

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Microsoft 365 Bundle contains Windows 10, Office 365, EMS

Today's topics include Windows 10, Office 365, and EMS bundled in Microsoft 365; IRS lawyer professionals about phishing attack risks; Sellers can now order Microsoft Azure stack hybrid cloud systems; And Oculus once again reduces the price of its Rift VR headset.

Microsoft has launched new one-stop solution bundle packages for companies that rely on company software and cloud offerings for their end-user computing.

During the Microsoft Ignite conference in Washington, DC, the software giant announced this week Microsoft 365, a new license feature that includes the Windows 10 operating system, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, the company's cloud-based mobile device and Application Management product. Microsoft 365 will be available in two variants, Enterprise for Large Organizations and Business for the small and medium-sized business.

If it all sounds familiar, Microsoft is due to launch a similar licensed bundle called Secure Productive Enterprise Last Fall. In fact, Microsoft replaces 365 Enterprise Secure Productive Enterprise. Pricing starts with $ 20 per. User per. Month for Microsoft 365 Business when Microsoft releases bundles in the fall.

US Internal Revenue Service warns tax professionals about the continuing threat of phishing emails aimed at stealing client information. The IRS said that in the first five months of 2017 there were 177 reports from tax companies or professionals with thefts of information about thousands of customers.

Data types from taxpayers are still occurring, with IRS listing That it receives three to five data theft reports per week, where the primary attack vector is phishing emails.

IRS warns that phishing emails appear to come from customers or companies known by the tax authorities.

The wait is almost over. Azure Stack software and hardware packages that allow customers to run a small piece of Azure cloud within their own data centers are now available to order, Microsoft announced July 10th during the Inspire conference.

Scheduled for submission in September, Azure Stack will be available as part of integrated server packages, including Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Lenovo. Cisco and Huawei will join these IT system vendors later.

Cisco previously announced that it would offer Azure Stack on its Unified Computing System-Converged Infrastructure Platform with a target date sometime in the third quarter of this year.

Facebook-owned Oculus has, for the second time this year, reduced the price of its Rift virtual reality headphone and its Touch controllers, offering Rift in a special summer deal for $ 399 with the handhelds included at no additional cost.

The company announced the special limited pricing in a July 10 blog post that named its "Summer of Rift" and said it lost the prize to encourage more users to try the system.

When the Rift VR Headset began to ship in March 2016, it sold to $ 599. Touch Hand Controllers was later offered at $ 199, bringing the total package to $ 798. The Rift is equipped with two active matrix Inorganic LED displays that allow users to explore virtual worlds with the device.

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How to repair 100% disk usage in Windows 10?

Short Bytes: Sometimes a process or app forces the Microsoft Windows system to utilize the hard drive to its full capacity. This problem, commonly known as 100% disconnection problem, may occur due to various reasons. This may be Chrome's prefetch feature for webpages, an error in a Windows driver, or some other Windows features.

I If you are a Windows user, you may have encountered the 100% disk usage problem. Looking at the numbers in the task manager, the hard disk seems to do some serious hard work. In fact, your machine is idle for nothing but playing your favorite song. I do not think the media player would be responsible for keeping the hard drive up to its full capacity.

I have not seen the problem on my machine, at least not for the last couple of years. Perhaps it may have gone unnoticed. But many say their disk usage always touches 100% and their machine is sinking.

Also read: How to use RAM as a hard drive? How to create RAMDisk?

At least I landed on this issue recently and thought I should dig more into it. After reviewing different forums and threads, I realized that there is no particular reason to use 100% disk usage issues in Windows.

Who are the sinners then?

Many people blame applications like Google Chrome (I'm not surprised) and Skype, which trigger some unwanted disc usage on the machine. The list further extends to include features such as Superfetch, Print Spooler, BITS, etc.

Deactivation of these services can help, but it may have consequences. For example, if you Turning off the spooler, your printer will not work until you re-enable it. And it does not even guarantee that the problem will be resolved, but you must take the shot.

The problem with 100% disk usage can also occur if your system is infected with some malware. The very basic idea to solve the problem of disk usage is to view the application or Windows component responsible and stop it.

Spot and Repair the Sins

You can use the Windows 10 task manager to find the programs and services that use more disk resources. Click the Disk Usage column under the Processes tab to arrange the numbers in descending order. Then you want to know which application is trying to steal more than it deserves.

Fix 100% Disk usage due to Google Chrome

In the case of Google Chrome, the preloaded webpage feature is incorrect. To turn off, go to Settings> View Advanced Settings> Privacy. Here you remove the option called Provides resources to load pages faster .

The newer versions of Chrome have a completely redesigned security page. You can search for Use a predictive service to load pages faster change setting under Privacy and Security.

Also read: 12 easy ways to maximize battery life on Windows 10

Fix 100% Disk Usage Due to Skype

For Skype, disk usage goes down when writing permission is given to the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGE group. Follow these steps to fix 100% disk usage issues, if it is due to Skype. This method is for the desktop version of Skype, not for the Windows Store version.

  1. Start closing the Skype app. Right-click on its icon in the taskbar and click Exit or you can use the Task Manager.
  2. Now open this PC or my computer and navigate to C: Program Files (x86) Skype Phone
  3. Right-click the Skype.exe file and go to Properties.
  4. Under the Security tab, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and click Edit.
  5. In the next box that appears, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and select Permit the Write permissions check box.
     100% Disk usage 2 "width =" 408 "height =" 545 "srcset =" Https:// 408w, Png 225w, 314w "sizes =" (max width: 408px) 100vw, 408px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Click OK to save and continue. Click OK again. </li>
<p> After you make these changes, Skype may have detected a disk usage reduction when you open the task manager. </p>
<h4> Fix 100% Disk Usage Due to Windows Features </h4>
<p> A <a href= Redditor also suggested disabling the Windows Search service. Given that the service always runs in the background, it may help to make the situation worse if it does not start. It has been known to run "Search Loops" in Windows because of an error. You can temporarily turn off (re-enable when you restart) Windows Search using the Windows Command Line to see if it causes 100% disk usage .

    Open command prompt as administrator and use the following command:

    net.exe stop "Windows Search"

    Use this command to restart Windows:

    net.exe start "Windows Search"

    How do you turn off Windows Search?
    1. Press CTRL + R to open the Run application.
    2. Type services.msc and press Enter.
    3. Now look for Windows Search on the list.
    4. Right-click the Windows Search service and go to Properties.
    5. Under the General tab, set the boot type to Disabled.
       100% Disk usage 3 "width =" 411 "height =" 473 "srcset =" 411w, Https:// 261w, -indhold / uploads / 2017/07 / WSearch-365x420.png 365w " Sizes = "(maximum width: 411px) 100vw, 411px" /> </a> </li>
<li> Click Ok to save and continue. </li>
<blockquote class=
      Also read: How to repair a damaged hard drive and repair my storage disk?

      Disable Windows Tips

      Windows 10 settings contain an option to show tips and tricks. Some users have attached to the disk usage issue. You can disable tips by going to Settings> System> Notifications and Actions. Turn off Get tips, tricks and suggestions when using Windows switch.

      Fix your StorAHCI.sys driver

      As explained by Christian Cowley another reason for your hard drive is full capacity, a firmware bug in Microsoft AHCI driver called StorAHCI.sys. It is known to cause 100% hard disk problem and even BSOD is in Windows. Follow these steps to disable support for Message-Signaled Interrupts for the driver and resolve the issue:

      1. Open Device Manager (Right-click My PC> Manage> Device Manager).
      2. Expand IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers entry in the list.
      3. Right-click the Default SATA AHCI Controller and go to Properties.
         100% Disk usage 8 "width =" 818 "height =" 489 "srcset =" 818w, 300w, https: // fossbytes .com / wp content / uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-1 -768x459.png 768w, 703w, https: // /AHCI-1-640x383.png 640w, Png 681w "sizes =" (max width: 818px) 100vw, 818px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Click Driver Information under the Driver tab. If it shows C:  Windows  system32  DRIVERS  storahci.sys in the Drivers files field, your system may be affected due to the error. <br /> <a href=  100% Disk usage 4 "width =" 479 "height =" 459 "srcset =" 479w, 300w, -438x420.png 438w "sizes =" (max width: 479px) 100vw, 479px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Click on OK and go to the Details tab. </li>
<li> Select Device Instance Path from the drop-down menu. You can copy the present value into a text file or keep the checkbox open. <br /> <a href=  100% Disk usage 5 "width =" 404 "height =" 461 "srcset =" https: // fossbytes .com / wp content / uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-3.png 404w, 263w, -368x420.png 368w "sizes =" (maximum width: 404px) 100vw, 404px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Now open Windows Registry (Windows + R> Regedit Type). </li>
<li> Navigate to: <br /> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  System  CurrentControlSet  Enum  PCI  <br /> Look for the value you saw in Properties and expand the appropriate key. <strong> Make sure to extend the correct key </strong>. <br /> <a href=  100% Disk usage 6 "width =" 744 "height =" 463 "srcset =" Wp content / uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-4.png 744w, 300w, https: // fossbytes. Com / wp content / uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-4-675x420.png 675w, 640w, https: // 681w "sizes =" (Maximum Width: 744px) 100vw, 744px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Once you have found the correct AHCI Controller using the given string, navigate to: <br /> Device Parameters  Interrupt Management  MessageSignaledInterruptProperties <br /> <a href=  100% Disk Use 7 "width =" 832 "Height =" 490 "srcset =" 832w, 07 / AHCI-5-300x177.png 300w, 768w, Uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-5-713x420.png 713w, 640w, Wp- Contents / uploads / 2017/07 / AHCI-5-681x400.png 681w "sizes =" (maximum width: 832px) 100vw, 832px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Here, double-click MSISupported and change it to 0 (means turns off MSI). <br /> <a href=  100% Disk usage 8 "width =" 834 "height =" 494 "srcset =" Https:// 834w, Png 300w, 768w, 6-709x420.png 709w, 640w, 07 / AHCI-6-681x403.png 681w "sizes =" (maximum width: 834px) 100vw, 834px "/> </a> </li>
<li> Click OK to save the value. Close Windows Registry and restart your machine. </li>
<h4> Check for any malware on your computer </h4>
<p> Some malware may be responsible for consuming 100% HDD resources on your computer. Try running a full scan using the built-in Windows Defender, or help with some <a href= third-party software .

        If every way takes you nowhere, then the last option will be to reset your Windows OS. It can be time consuming, but can help if your daily use is hit due to the problem.

        So these were some of the ways that can help you solve the misuse of 100% disk usage in Microsoft Windows. These may not be bad solutions, but they could be useful.

        Got something to add? Drop your thoughts and feedback.

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