Climate cycles mobilize shellfish toxins | Local

A new study by researchers at Oregon State University and other researchers can help prevent increases in toxic algae that cause periodic closure of shellfish harvests on the West Coast.

The study, published on Monday in the National Academy of Sciences Proclamation Book, found a strong link between the warm ocean conditions caused by two major climate cycles (El Nino and Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO) and periodic increases in shellfish in domoic acid .

Domoic acid is a potent neurotrophin produced by some species of plankton and digested by shellfish. It can cause serious health effects in people, resulting in fatalities from gastrointestinal disease and death in rare cases. It is also responsible for the periodic destruction of marine mammals.

When toxin levels rise to insecure levels, fishermen managers are announcing harvest closures to protect human health, causing the West Coast to spend millions of dollars for fishing and tourism industries.

Both El Nino and PDO can increase water temperatures in the Pacific regions, but at different timescales. While both are at the same strong hot phase, researchers have discovered that the United States will be able to discontinue the usual example of cold water flowing south through the West Coast.

He said "There is a Weakness in California Current". Angel White, OSU Associate Professor of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, explained that PNAS research is a common writing. The team used the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 's financial support to collect the samples of the OSU research ship Elakha. "

Small potatoes carried by ocean currents – starting in 2007, found 20% of the copepods from a large number of Oregon coasts.Copepods in the cold northern waters are rich in lipids,

When the conditions are correct, the Californian currents flowing south are weaker and provide more lipid in the north

"The hypothesis is that in the south (plankton), there is a great deal of toxic plankton entering sheltered marine animals, as well as poor copepods floating in the sea, causing the commercial and recreational harvests to close for shaving spiders, Dungeness crabs, The population is more toxic. "White,

The researchers combined their data to go further back with the NOAA data sets to form time series. For 20 years. This information helped to fill a data gap for Oregon waters that were not as well studied as Washington and California seas and created a clearer picture of long-term patterns affecting ocean conditions along the entire coast.

"All this, we see hot water transfers from the south, and it only happens in PDO years – when PDO and El Nino are strongly positive."

White and colleagues showed that these periodic changes were not the only harmful effects in ocean conditions

with the possibility of shutting up toxic planetary bulges and expensive shellfish harvest. The warmer southern waters also bring out the larvae of invasive green crabs, and the inability of copepods rich in lipid-rich nutrients in the food chain can have a negative impact on salmon flow.

Based on their findings, researchers created a risk analysis model for the Western Sahara that could provide an early warning sign for fisheries managers that harvest closure of shellfish might be necessary. "This will be another tool in the resource manager 's pocket," co – author Matthew Hunter, who works in the Astoria office in Oregon' s Fish and Wildlife Department, said, "It will be a tool in the resource manager 's back pocket."

When the model shows high risk factors, Hunter may be a clue to further sampling and increasing levels of domoic acid in shellfish populations to check for toxic plankton in the ocean. "

Researchers were cautious about linking their findings to global warming, while White often found causal associations while causing shellfish toxicity to occur more often

"It is really hard to get much support in science. To maintain such a long – term follow – up, "he said." There are now only time series to look at PDO.

OSU PhD student Morgaine McKibben was the chief author of the PNAS study, writers, White, William T. Peterson and NOAA & # 39; Vera L. Trainer, A. Michelle Wood from Oregon University and Matthew V. Hunter from Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department

Correspondent Bennett Hall a 541-758-9529 or Follow him on Twitter @ bennetthallgt.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were not the best years for Platinum Games

When there was a lot of rumor, Scalebound ‘s developmental difficulties were noticed on Monday   In 2016, both the Star and the Kamiya were in a very strong track record, and the Scalebound was now canceled. Fox Zero and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were not the best years for PlatinumGames: Mutants and Manhattan were not at all well received, but Scalebound certainly excited many People.           On January 9, 2017, the Microsoft Studios Scalebound & # 39; We apologize for notifying you that it has been canceled. It was very frustrating, especially since we know that most of our fans are as impatient as possible in this game.     We will continue to work steadily. Starting with NieR: Automata in March, including products like GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re: Link and LOST ORDER in future, I offer you high quality games. We look forward to meeting your expectations and we hope to support you constantly!

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survey shows Windows 10 Migration Strategies Leaving gaping hole in Enterprise Security


Despite increased security is an important driver in the move to Windows 10, many organizations put their safety with their choice of migration strategy, according to new research of enterprise software company 1E.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. See the full release here:

The report found that by taking an in-place upgrade option, many organizations lacking the ability to enable advanced security features. The upgrade fails to provide the full suite of Windows 10 security features, including Secure Boot, Device Guard and biometric authentication, leaving many users unprotected against today's security threats inevitable.

Ironically, 1E study supplemented by more than 500 US IT decision makers, found that security is the single biggest driving force behind a company moving to Windows 10 in the first place, with 47 percent identifying security as the main expected benefit. The study also showed that these security concerns are well justified, with nearly two out of three respondents claim their organization has experienced a security breach.

"Companies clearly want a more secure operating system by adopting Windows 10," said Sumir Karayi, founder and CEO of 1E "but in the rush to get there, organizations can end up being insufficiently protected, and would benefit from a more methodical approach. "

Regardless of the upgrade approach, almost all (94%) respondents reported their company's migration strategy still involves some degree of manual labor. This manual intervention retards software deployment, leaving systems vulnerable to attack, and prevents scaling OS broadcast to hundreds or thousands of systems in parallel.

"1E Windows 10 solution uniquely automates every step in the transition process," to ensure that companies enables advanced security and complete their migration faster, on the scale, and with minimal disruption, "added Karayi.


the 1E Windows 10 Migration report is an online survey of 500 IT decision makers in the US working at organizations with 1,000 employees and have Windows installed . 1E commissioned research from Edelman Intelligence. the margin of error for the total sample is +/- 4.4 percentage points.

MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE: 20170110006058 / en /

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Apple improves security settings for its CareKit apps

Apple upping security settings for its health apps.

Tech giant has partnered with security firm Tresorit to offer developers using Apple's CareKit platform increased privacy options helps reach HIPAA compliance.

Tresorit security technology called ZeroKit will offer user authentication of patients and health professionals, end-to-end encryption of personal health information, and "zero knowledge" sharing of health data, where data isn & # 39; t shared with any service which it transfers.

End-to-end encryption is used to cloud storage, messaging and other services, but has not been widely used in healthcare apps, told Tresorit senior vice president David Szabo Mashable . Data is encrypted before it is uploaded to the cloud, and the encryption key never leaves the user's device.

"Our mission is to provide an opportunity for developers to provide personal information to you," said Szabo. "Developers do not want to see patients' passwords."

CareKit is an open-source platform that allows developers – or even health professionals with little coding knowledge – to create patient-focused apps. The platform has been used to home diabetes products and other health projects.

With improved cloud security, the platform is designed to be of better use hospitals beholden to government privacy regulations around patient information. Healthcare professionals develop an app through CareKit can opt ZeroKit security settings offer. Consumers will not choose whether to use these encryption tools for their personal accounts.

"Apple designed the iOS platform and CareKit with security in the center. When building apps where data is shared across devices and with other services, developers want to extend that security to the cloud. That's exactly what ZeroKit do , "the ZeroKit team wrote in a blog post on Apple CareKit blog.

ZeroKit founders approached Apple to integrate their security system in CareKit about four months ago.

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See Apple's early, ugly iOS prototype in action

When Apple first announced the iPhone, decade since this week it showed a unit with the now-familiar app icons and a natural touch screen interface. But it was not always the plan – internally Apple had different teams compete in different projects in order to find the best operating system for its new device. We got our first look at one of these systems last week one click wheel prototype designed by Tony Fadell and his team, and is known as P1. Now we have seen another :. A very early version of the touch screen operating system codenamed P2 it would be iOS

The video above are made by Sonny Dickson, shows P1 and P2 are running side by side. P1 – running what Dickson calls "AcornOS" – boots up faster than P2, but it is the second device running a more familiar operating system for modern iPhone users, albeit a very basic version. Giant blue icons displayed on a white background, offering touch screen options for calls, SMS, and "Other" – a menu that leads to Music, Network and preferences, among other choices. Other images shared by Dickson display additional options, including a switch to Airplane mode and a phone dialer screen.

Where P1 was the work of "father of the iPod," Tony Fadell and his team, P2 was developed by a group led by Scott Forstall – the then head of Mac development in the company. As history has shown, Forstall prototype won the competition between the teams inside Apple, which led to the creation of the first consumer version of iOS.

As Dickson notes, these prototype devices never meant to be seen outside of Apple's walls. But these early prototypes are also key elements in Apple's history, marking a fork in the road that helped make the iPhone Apple's most important product, and change the way we use smartphones.

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Asteroid gets closer to earth this week

A previously undiscovered asteroid that could rival the size of a mid-sized Boston office building passed by Earth this week with a close shave that brings the object to the moon.

The spacecraft – the smooth name 2017 AG13 – was probably a relatively small size, but somewhat dangerous, somewhere between 36 and 115 feet, making it difficult for asteroids to perceive when they are far away from Earth. If they break up or fall somewhere near a city.


Gareth Williams, co – director of the Minor Planetary Center of the International Astronomy Association, said, "In places where people live, in rare cases, we need to know about them, but there are objects of size 19459041."

According to Williams, who works at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Cambridge, Close passes like this routine this week.

Quick Forward Get in your box:

Forget your news yesterday You need what you need today by early e-mail this morning.

Though 2017 AG13 adds that this group is "a bit bigger", 20 people per year are at the same distance and 154 people are approaching;

Researchers identified the object on Sunday and found it was not a relatively quick threat. Williams, who was thrown out Monday at about 35,000 miles per hour, according to the World.

"Obviously, once we have taken the first sets of observations, it will bring a very close approach very quickly, but this time it is not close enough for us," he said.

<! – Down

Objects seldom hit the Earth, but the results can be dramatic when they do.

For comparison, experts, the 2013 meteorite, which caused a massive explosion in the sky above the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, Full 65 feet. It was estimated that the meteorite, which caused a large fireball last summer fired in the sky in Maine, is about 5 feet high.

Researchers are trying to do a research on "objects in the near world" and a recent federal rapporteur says asteroids 2017 AG13 could cause serious problems with the highest estimate.

The report showed that a 130 foot object, which destroyed trees throughout hundreds of square kilometers in the central part of Russia, exploded in 1908.

"A similar air striking incident, if it had taken place in a major metropolitan area, could result in millions of injuries and losses," he said. The report,

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Froyo is finally dropping from Android graphics, Nugat is still not 1%

It's been a long time, but it's finally over. Sweet Android 2.2, known as Froyo (Frozen Yogurt), finally left the monthly Android Deployment tab. This means that at present there is less than 0.1% of the device in the market. You might think that it is not surprising how old you are, but you are puzzled how long you have stayed there. Is there anything else that lasts so long? Android 7.0 and 7.1, Nukaat, even reaches% 1.

Although it is primarily a tool for developers, the Google Android distribution chart shows that it is the unpopular Android demolition, offering everything the adoption and deployment of various Android distributions. At least the oldest version of the chart before today's update is Android 2.2 Froyo. This sweet treatment refused to give up the dream and spent a steady 0.1% for the whole of 2016.

And it's not the only problem, watch out. Android 2.3 Gingerbread still has a small piece of cake, and it does not even come under% 1. Google announced that it increased the minimum requirement for Android version support, which criticized Gingerbread (2.3) and Honeycomb (3.0) in November, as if trying to speed up the history.

Meanwhile, the Android Nuga, now at 7.0 and 7.1, seems to be having trouble entering this market. Combined bulletins rise to 4% & # 39; den% 7, but progress is still slow at annoying rates. Google's strategy of making Nougat special for some of the models for a while weakens the chances of making a big leap on the stage.

He said that the new devices are out this year, and these new devices, especially high end models, will be out of Nougat 's box. On the other hand, updating the latest apps on existing devices seems to be rather slow and is returning us to the dark ages of slow Android updates.

To commemorate Froyo 's departure, Viktor Bohush prepared a fairly visual walk into the memory area of ​​the sweet versions of Android. Bon Appetit!


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There are very few surprises in the number of birds this year | Environment

Have you discovered the data

Would you like to see the trends in Albert 's bird populations yourself? The newspaper has made bird counts online at / eWSQKa. Use the chart tab to create charts to share with others.

The face of the stuck bird, once again this year's St. Albert was the star of the number of birds.

Some 154 ornithologists counted on December 28th and spent part of cataloging the priests.

This year's stalls were locked from 33 species to 4,598 birds or just over half of what they saw last year, according to Dan Stoker, temporary counting coordinator.

According to counting results, this number has been the least bird species since 2004. The usual decision – making factor is the bohemian waxwing

which is in this supply with a yield of 101 basis points compared with 2.125 last year, "just ahead of St. Albert,

Stoker suspects that waxy birds may have cooked all of St. Albert's mountain-side strawberries in early December, and Stork cited "the number of wax birds." Edmonton.

2015 Home financier

Evin spinoff was in the size of a sparrow, and first showed Albert, suggested by number records in 2006. Since then, a new record has been released every two years

Roughly a sparrow, a crusader brown in the length of the house pinnacle, the men look as if they are immersed in raspberry reçeline because of their red heads and breasts, said Stoker. Believes that female home finches prefer to mate with the most angry men they can find; If a man comes from a red color diet, a redder male may be better at finding food.

Unusually, observers did not find snowy owls during this year's census or weekly census. It was only at the time of the census that it happened in 1995.

It is hard to understand the trends in snowy owls because winter numbers depend on the amount of food in the north, said Joselyn Hudson, curator of ornithology at the Royal Alberta Museum. In the lean years, it appears to be a large number of southward, and it can fly south of the United States.

Since 1991, the city of St. Petersburg Although there has been a slight drop in the number of Albert, the data from the Audubon Community show that snowy owl numbers have risen across Alberta in the number of Christmas since 1950 's.

Stoker, this year's St. Albert said he did not have donuts and cross shots without looking at the number. These birds are affected by the condition of the pinecone product in the north and larger plants result in more birds here.

Trends in birdwatching

Albert's number indicates that this area is a permanent resident, as house finches and Eurasian collar pigeons, respectively, appear to be number-wise consistent as they were first seen in 2006 and 2010. . In the meantime, the evening grosbeak disappeared, and finally it was shown in the 2004 edition.

In a Newspaper analysis, it is suggested that small woodpeckers and red-breasted barrels have seen a slight increase in population since the beginning of St Albert's number – probably a reflection of an increase in the number of bird feeders and nurturing observers in the same period

The rabbits were also moved to the city limits, less than 10 in. In 1995, it was counted before, in recent years it corresponded to 285.

"This is a rare bird that I can not see near people," he said. But they saw people were afraid of it. While there are several breeds in the town, the increase of our ravens in the winter season is due to the birds being transported for feeding.

The Christmas bird count helps to give the researcher a long-term perspective on bird populations, and Hudson says he inspires research projects led by other citizens, such as eBird.

"Citizenship is really brought to people."

Number results are now forwarded to Canadian Bird Surveys.


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Baker and Fossum of Astronauts retire from NASA.

Rae Botsford Sonu


On Saturday, January 7, astronauts Mike Baker and Mike Fossum retired from NASA to work in the private sector . Both space shuttle veterans served in the US troops, and both were wearing a large number of hats with the space agency.

Fossum worked with NASA in 1981, supporting NASA ‘s spacecraft flight operations in the United States Air Force, Johnson Space Center in Texas. In 1992, he actively worked directly for the agency and in January 1993 NASA hired him as a system engineer. Five years later, he was elected astronaut in 1998.

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Just a little snooping – or maximum • Registration

Microsoft created a privacy monitoring electronic signboard for Windows 10 's ability to search for privacy and personal information for a longer period of time.

The new web portal lists some personal data collected from PCs and devices and sent to Redmond, which allows people to confidently hide a bit. In the meantime, Microsoft will also change the internal privacy controls of Windows 10 and choose between home and Pro users some system surveillance or full surveillance system surveillance.

The way the software giant has done to alleviate last year's pessimism by silently sliding telemetry data in people's machines

Terry Myerson the executive body of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, says, "We are continuing this commitment to make it easier for you to make informed choices about your privacy in Windows 10" . "With that in mind, we're making some changes in the Content Maker Update, simplifying the privacy settings themselves and improving the way we present the privacy settings to you."

The live panel on Tuesday shows how Microsoft takes people's whereabouts, search requests, Cortana conversations and browser histories from Windows 10 computers and tools. This data can be deleted on request via the portal. According to Microsoft:

When you log in with your Microsoft account, you can go to to check and delete data such as browsing history, search history, location activity, and Cortana's Laptop Information in one place. This is the first step in extending the visibility and control of your data for Microsoft products and services, and we will continue to add more functionality and data categories over time

For users running Windows 10 Insider installations, Microsoft will be releasing simplified categories for telemetry settings in an upcoming update: Windows 10 version is basically open or nearly closed depending on version. This change is pushing the public ring on the Windows 10 Creators Update for Spring.

Windows 10's new prototype privacy controls … Click to enlarge

For Windows 10 Home and Pro editions, this is the "enhanced" setting that allows users to choose from "basic" or "full" telemetry plans. Microsoft has announced that it will reduce the amount of "basic" plumbing data and has allowed people with Home and Pro versions to limit the return of information to Redmond.

"Base" is the lowest value that these two pressures can go through. Now you have the hardware and features, the quality of your internet connection, the locking and locking records with the software, the compatibility issues, the driver usage data, the applications you have installed and how you use them and other bits and pieces. According to Redmond, the new "basic" surveillance level includes:

It is vital for Windows to work. We use this data to help you run Windows and applications securely, up-to-date, and smooth when you tell us about your device's features, what is installed, and whether Windows is working correctly. This option may also include a basic bug with feedback from Microsoft.

On the other hand, it sends more information about "full", "basic" level slurping plus old "advanced" level and then your system. "Advanced" level includes records of events generated by operating system, packaged applications and devices, and some crash documentation.

This "full" mode will also give your Microsoft ink and writing data ". With the permission of Microsoft's privacy management team, engineers can retrieve user documentation that causes applications to crash in order to correct mistakes in people's machines running in "full" mode. Technical teams can also run remotely diagnostic tools on computers, again with the permission of the supervisory officer.

Essentially, if you are using Windows 10 Home or Pro and you install these changes, you will not be able to completely turn off the telemetry, but your only other option will be complete delivery. Either the new "base" collection or the "full" range finder. Microsoft is currently ambiguous about what is described by the operating system at the new "basic" level.

If you have Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Training, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, Windows 10 IO Core or Windows Server 2016, you can fine tune the telemetry . Deactivating it completely is not recommended by Microsoft, if it is possible, deceptive.

It is easy to be paranoid when the government is on this day of observation and age. If you want Microsoft to be unhappy, it 's unlikely that the company will oversee individuals; The data collected from the systems is anonymous and converted into reports that engineers use to detect and correct errors and diagnose performance bottlenecks. Microsoft says it needs all that to set and improve its software.

On the other hand, like other American technology companies, Microsoft may have to deliver such customer information to the Feds under the control of a non-sacrificing junkie; It likes to keep a grudge. And given the vast resources of the Windows gig, you may feel a little more vulnerable to being considered a wild test topic. Knowing the telemetry, the shipping code to find out the price of the area feels like a sharp corner, which will help the programmer own the blunders.

Ultimately, it is not surprising that people are paranoid while Redmond hides words like "the one that is vital to the study of Windows." Confidence must be earned without being distributed through a blog post that is won. ®

DevOps and continuous shipment

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